24 hrs Sleep Experiment - Hibernation Into the Mycelium World

24 小時睡眠實驗:蟄伏網路演習


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Hibernation into the Mycelium World



第一場  2023.9.08(五)15:00 至 9.09(六)11:00

第二場  2023.9.10(日)15:00 至 9.11(一)11:00


主持人:Henry Tan、黃鼎云、呂岱如

費用:每人 3600 元(含旅平險、住宿、晚餐、早餐、點心與三義火車站至民宿來回交通),早鳥特惠 3200 元

  • 中英雙語進行。囿於民宿空間限制,最多開放22名參與者報名,住宿空間不提供單人床位。報名開放至9.03為止,請及早報名登記,以便安排保險等行政庶務。















The first session: 2023.9.08 (Fri) 15:00 - 9.09 (Sat) 11:00

The second session: 2023.09.10 (Sun) 15:00 - 9.11 (Mon) 11:00

Venue: Bo Zhu Villa, No. 10, Bengshanxia, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County.

Hosts: Henry Tan, Huang Ding Yun, Esther Lu

Fee: NT 3600 per person, including travel insurance, one-night accommodation, dinner, breakfast, snacks and the pickup service from Sanyi Train Station. For early birds, we offer the special discount at NT 3200. 

  • The program will be bilingually conducted in Chinese and English. Due to the venue restriction, the workshop is open for 22 participants at each run, and no single bed is provided. Please register before September 3 to help us arranging the related logistics.



Can we learn to sleep like fungi or cicadas? Can humans find ways to go into the state of hibernation to regulate our body temperature and metabolism in a low-energy consumption mode, as a technique to fight against the future weather crisis? Can sleep become a collective exercise for us to tune in with other species?


Get ready for a unique 24-hour adventure into the fascinating mycelium world and experience the rhythms of natural hibernation. In our friendly, hands-on workshop, discover how mycelium communicates—much like the internet—and dive into the gentle process of 'Hibernation Network'. Experience the wonder of life's quiet moments, learn about how animals hibernate, and take part in creative activities to design your own human hibernation lifestyle. Quilt-making, sharing sleep cycles, and a cozy group sleep in the bamboo grove are all part of this enriching journey. Wind down with soothing meditation and wake up refreshed to a magical morning walk, appreciating fungi's integral role in nature's cycle.



Sleep is central to our workshop experiment, so please be prepared to spend the day with us following an unusual routine. We will nap and wake up at odd hours. Please note that participants of all genders will share the space for sleeping, resting, and using the toilet.


The event is sponsored by the National Culture and Arts Foundation.