Mind-Skin Code: On Our 36,000 Fungal Sexes



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Family, color pencils on paper, 2019, by Wang Yung An



2023.10.29(日), 1-5pm





2023.11.12(日), 1-3pm



報名:限定16名,請於 10.27 前完成報名繳費,依報名完成順序招募。

費用:新台幣 800元





這場工作坊將著重在於探討如何從生理、心理、社會文化的不同向度,學習屬於自己身體與心智的性/別方法,讓性可以不只超越(生理、心理上的)性徵,別更能跨過我們對差異的認識。這些同時援引多重向量的過程,將透過藝術家王永安所開發的「心智皮膚譜記」(Mind-Skin Code)的操作,來具象化這場集體思辨的旅程。這套以觸覺為始的譜記方法,延著時序感知皮膚之上的環境變因、皮膚之下的內感經驗生產,而此觸覺為本、知會特定時空的溝通紀錄,也將細緻地引導我們思考皮膚內外的認知、開啟共構觸覺知識的可能。








2023.10.29 (Sun.), 1-5pm

Treasure Hill Artist Village, Treasure Hill Atelier 

No. 2, Alley 14, Lane 230, Section 3, Dingzhou Road, Taipei (MRT Gongguan, Exit 1)


Online Sharing

2023.11.12 (Sun.), 1-3pm 

The meeting link will be provided after registration.


Host: Wang Yung An, Esther Lu

The event can accommodate up to 16 participants. Please sign up before 10.27.

Fee: TWD 800


If you find that 'queer' is not sufficient to describe your queenly queering and 'non-binary' is inadequate to express their fluid liquidity, perhaps it's time for us to explore alternative ways to untangle and untag our identities and liberate their supporting mechanisms. While the idea of 36,000 kinds of fungal sex may initially seem overwhelming, it is, in fact, a natural phenomenon that can inspire us to acknowledge the mycorrhizal power of sex and gender as transformative energies for all beings.


This workshop is all about exploring how we understand our own bodies and minds in terms of sex and gender from various perspectives such as biology, psychology, and culture. It aims to go beyond just looking at physical and mental traits and help us broaden our understanding of gender differences. During the workshop, we will employ a reading/notation method called the "Mind-Skin Code," developed by the artist Wang Yung An. This method starts with our sense of touch and helps us think about how our skin, both on the surface and underneath, plays a role in how we perceive the world and ourselves in varying material contexts. It is a way to better understand how our sense of self is shaped. We will also collectively produce the knowledge on touch during this process. 


Throughout the workshop, we will engage in various activities, including guided discussions, physical exercises, meditation, touch notation, and sharing personal experiences. These activities will help us relate and generate the new concepts and practices of gender theory to our own lives, making mycelium inspirations the empowering agent to flourish our ways of becoming.


The event is sponsored by the National Culture and Arts Foundation.