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Moss Piglets 服務條款

感謝您使用Moss Piglets 平台本使用條款是Moss Piglets隱私權保護政策之補充條款本使用條款將構成您就本平台及所購買商品之使用相關法律關係之完整條款,請您仔細閱讀。當您使用本平台服務或購買商品時,即表示您已閱讀、瞭解並同意接受本使用條款之所有內容。 Moss Piglets 有權於任何時間修改或變更本使用條款之內容,建議您隨時注意此修改與變更。您於任何修改或變更後繼續使用本平台服務或購買商品時,視為您已閱讀、瞭解並同意接受該等修改或變更。若您為未滿二十歲,您應於您的法定代理人(或監護人)同意之情形下,始得透過本平台進行購買。當您購買商品時,推定您已取得您的法定代理人(或監護人)就各該優惠券/商品購買及使用相關商品或服務之同意。


  • 除本約定條款外,商品銷售網頁及訂購流程中在網頁上所呈現之資訊,包括相關交易條件、限制及說明等,皆為契約之一。
  • 您一經在Moss Piglets 依照網頁流程所定方式、條件及流程完成訂購程序,就表示您願意依照本約定條款及相關網頁上所載明的約定內容、交易條件或限制,訂購該商品或服務。
  • 在您完成線上訂購程序以後,本系統會自動經由電子郵件或其他方式寄給您一封通知信。但是該項通知只是通知您本系統已經收到您的訂購訊息,不代表交易已經完成或契約已經成立,Moss Piglets 有權保留是否接受您的訂單的權利。若交易條件有誤、商品無存貨、服務無法提供,Moss Piglets 會主動與您聯繫。
  • 若您選擇使用信用卡支付價金,您在線上輸入信用卡相關資訊,其目的是為了向貴發卡機構確認信用卡其有效性及取得交易授權,不表示您已經付款、也不代表交易已經完成或契約已經成立。
  • 您在Moss Piglets 所進行的所有線上消費及與該等交易有關之事項,您與Moss Piglets 皆同意以電子文件的方式表示;Moss Piglets 電腦系統將紀錄您的相關電子交易資料,您亦可經由網路於登入系統後自行查詢相關交易資料,如果您發現交易資料不正確,應請立即聯絡Moss Piglets 。

Moss Piglets Terms of Service

Thank you for using the Moss Piglets platform These Terms of Use are supplemental to the Moss Piglets Privacy Policy These Terms of Use will constitute the complete terms of your legal relationship with respect to the use of the Platform and the products you purchase, so please read them carefully. By using the Services or purchasing products from the Platform, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use in their entirety. Moss Piglets reserves the right to modify or change these Terms of Use at any time, and you are advised to be aware of such modifications and changes at any time. You are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to accept such modifications or changes when you continue to use the Services or purchase products on the Platform after any such modifications or changes have been made. If you are under 20 years of age, you may make purchases through the Platform only with the consent of your legal representative (or guardian). When you make a purchase, you are presumed to have obtained the consent of your legal representative (or guardian) for the purchase of each coupon/good and the use of the relevant goods or services.

Notes on Online Ordering

  • In addition to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the information presented on the merchandising website and the ordering process, including the relevant transaction conditions, restrictions and descriptions, are part of the Agreement.
  • By completing the ordering process at Moss Piglets in the manner, terms and conditions set forth in the website process, you agree to order the goods or services in accordance with these Terms of Use and the terms and conditions or restrictions set forth in the relevant website.
  • After you complete the online ordering process, the system will automatically send you a notification letter via email or other means. However, this notification only informs you that the system has received your order, it does not mean that the transaction has been completed or that a contract has been formed, and Moss Piglets reserves the right to accept your order or not. Moss Piglets reserves the right to accept your order or not. Moss Piglets will contact you if there is an error in the terms of the transaction, if the product is not in stock, or if the service is not available.
  • If you choose to pay by credit card, the purpose of entering your credit card information online is to confirm the validity of your credit card with your card issuer and to obtain authorization for the transaction, and does not imply that you have paid or that the transaction has been completed or that a contract has been formed.
  • You and Moss Piglets agree that all online purchases made by you at Moss Piglets and related transactions will be represented electronically; the Moss Piglets computer system will record your relevant electronic transaction information, and you may also check the relevant transaction information yourself after logging in via the Internet. If you find that the transaction information is incorrect, you should contact Moss Piglets immediately.